Creators. Thinkers. Artists. Scientists. Philosophers. Philanthropists. Subversives. Humanists.

Meet some of the amazing people who challenge me, inform my perspective, support me in quiet, generous ways and build a circle of power so strong that even the most daunting threats feel small.


Jim Alabiso

Social entrepreneur, strategist, leadership and executive coach, and public relations and communications specialist with a passion for water. The tip of the iceberg revealing Jim’s world can be found at Jumping Fish and Leap Collaborative


Mike Bernos

Mike Bernos – songwriter, musician, band leader, novelist, public relations and communications professional


Barbara Colaciello

Storyteller, playwright, actress, educator, improvisation facilitator, public speaker and acting coach, Barbara has developed a program that allows participants to connect mind, body and intuition.  


Annabelle Gallois-Bernos 

Biochemist by day and talented photographer by night – Annabelle’s worldview brings contrasting elements into focus revealing unique perspectives.


Allison Holdridge

Painter and surface designer – a constant source of support and inspiration who generously shares her amazing talent, skills and wisdom with me and others who are trying to move the needle on advancing humanity.


Bert Herring

Futurist, problem solver, novelist and expert in appetite correction whose fans look to him for answers about health, lifestyle, nutrition and D.I.E.T., Read More...


Celeste Krueger

Social entrepreneur, strategist, specialist in organizational development, leadership and executive coaching.

a n n e G o l d b a u e r_stuido_headshot

a n n e Goldbauer 

Humanitarian. Photojournalist. Filmmaker. Documentary Photographer. Blogger. Activist. Theatrical Director for Social Change.