An original thinker and champion for self-determination whose perspectives on gender and sex development offer a fresh point of view that many find transformational, Judi brings valuable insights to businesses and individuals. Judi has teamed up with Barbara Colaciello, educator, multi-faceted performance artist and facilitator specializing in improvisation training, to offer Tangible Shifts.

Tangible Shifts is a unique range of instructional programs adapted to address a wide variety of challenges encountered within organizations, schools and communities related to diversity, bullying, team (community) dynamics and gender.

Program formats include interactive plenary sessions, workshops, conferences, one-on-one coaching opportunities and boot camps.



The combination of gender related education and improvisational training helps companies to

(1) overcome the barriers that hold them back from achieving excellence in gender diversity and
(2) amplify their staff’s expressive range as a way to enhance innovation.

To explore ways we can help your company, please send a message. We look forward to hearing from you!